Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011

What's in my name ?

Nikki Tabuyo Avila
The name Nikki Tabuyo Avila promotes optimism, inspiration, and enthusiasm. It feels cheerful, outgoing, and charming. This name represents self-expression and communication skills. Its upward energy is a sign of tremendous creativity and all artistic endeavors are empowered by its vibration. The name Nikki Tabuyo Avila attracts just about everyone. It carries great public relation and communication skills, and an innate ability to charm the most cynical folks.
However, it lacks focus and discipline, can be a "happy-go-lucky spendthrift", and can give the impression of flightiness and instability.
Nikki Tabuyo Avila's most positive characteristics: Upbeat, creative, capable communicator, inspiring, uplifting. Has sense of humor, draws creative and passionate people.
Nikki Tabuyo Avila's most negative characteristics: Scattered energy, difficulty in finishing projects, unreliable.


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